Quality is doing it right when no one is looking - Henry Ford

  Periodic inspection is crucial in preventing costly failures and equipment downtime. IRONHORSE NDT offers a full range of inspection services using the latest non destructive testing equipment. ASNT Level II certified inspectors are highly trained in the standards and procedures of oilfield inspection. Tools are marked “OK” after they have been thoroughly inspected in compliance with API-Spec 7, RP5A5, RP7G, DS-1 or NS-2 specifications; customer defined requirements and third party standards.  



About Us

  IRONHORSE NDT was founded by Ron Hayes and Josh Nairn on the principal that providing quality work is a top priority, and this is something they take honor in being able to offer their customers. Combined Ron and Josh have over 40 years of experience in the Oil & Gas Industry. Ron started his career in the manufacturing and completions side of the industry, while Josh started his career assembling and servicing drill tools before making the move into inspection in 1997. IRONHORSE NDT is an independent oilfield inspection company and is locally owned and operated. Both Ron Hayes and Josh Nairn grew up in the Lafayette, LA area and through the years they have maintained their local ties to the community. They both look forward to bringing their knowledge and experience to the local Oil & Gas Industry.   

  • Our Customers are our number one priority and we strive to constantly meet and exceed their expectations.  
  • We are passionate about our field of work and take pride in the quality we provide.  
  • Our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) align with current API and other industry standards. We can tailor our procedures to meet customer specifications. 
  • Our standards and practices are upheld at every customer facility. 
  • Employees and Inspection Technicians are knowledgeable of many Oil & Gas product lines and their applications in the field.  
  • We provide on the job training as well as classroom education and certification to ensure the customer is receiving the highest standard of inspection possible. 
  • We are committed to quality and we take ownership in doing the job right, as well as taking pride in knowing we are preventing failures and costly downtime. 
  • We maintain a safe and professional workplace environment, while ensuring the integrity of the inspection process and the customer product line. 
  •  Customer feedback is always welcomed and appreciated.   


  • Magnetic Particle Testing- MPI/MT 
  • Liquid Penetrant Inspection- LPI/PT 
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Testing- UTT 
  • Visual Inspection 
  • Dimensional Inspection
  • API/RSC thread inspection 
  • Field repair of thread and shoulder blemishes can be completed by the Inspector while on location.


  In the Oil & Gas Industry reputation is key to the success of a business and at IRONHORSE NDT we strive to be the best in the inspection field. Providing quality work is what we were founded upon and that starts with knowledge, experience, commitment and passion. Our staff looks forward to serving our customers with the respect and quality they deserve.   

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